Prayer can be learned! Prayer leads to God and a happier life.

Since 2014 PULSE has been offering a weekend on how to pray in a concrete and simple way!

‘This retreat is different from others because it focuses on experience and not on intellectual teachings. It seeks to connect us to our experience in the present moment’

‘This was our first family retreat, and we felt incredible at the end of the weekend.  You gave us time on our own, as a couple, as a group and as a family ...’

‘Our retreat? A refocusing on God, on hope and on that knowledge deep within us.  A simple and practical method which was not too time consuming, we just needed to get started!

Concrets and simple teachings

The teachings are given by a priest or couple trained in Carmelite or Jesuit spirituality. These teachings are simple and accessible to all (beginners or those who already pray regularly).

Putting into practice!

After each teaching, there is a time of silent prayer or prayer as a couple. These times are suggested to begin to implement what has just been heard.

Silent time and family time

While the children have their own retreat in a different part of the priory, parents can pray, walk, and have silent time in spaces both inside and outside the priory. Families get together for meals and times of common prayer.

A unique place to pause

In order to be able to welcome more families, the retreats will now take place in a new place, St Albans Academy. It is an inspirational place, with its old building and its park. A special area is reserved for parents, so retreatants can walk, pray in the grounds or rest. It really is a breath of fresh air!